mmfla regulatory assessments

Annual MMFLA Regulatory Assessments Set

The MMFLA Regulatory Assessments fee for the 2018 fiscal year has been announced by LARA.

Each applicant will be required to pay the MMFLA regulatory assessments after their respective license is approved by the Medical Marihuana Licensing Board.

The Class A Grower license regulatory assessment will be $10,000.

The Class B Grower, Class C Grower,  Processor,  Provisioning and Secure Transporter license regulatory assessments have been set at $48,000.


There is no regulatory assessment for safety compliance facilities.

These are annual fees that are expected to be set each year and will likely rise or fall depending on regulatory expenses and the number of licenses.


If you have any questions on how these fees can impact your business or license please call the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers at 517-512-8364.


You can read the advisory bulletin detailing the regulatory assessments here.



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