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What is a Marijuana Microbusiness?

A Michigan Marijuana Microbusiness is a commercial cultivation license in Michigan. This is a type of license used for a small cannabis business. This regulation is utilized where the recreational use of marihuana has been legalized.

Similar to microbreweries for the production and sale of alcohol, marihuana microbusinesses are independently owned businesses that grow, process, and sell their own marihuana.

By applying for a micro license, an individual 21 years of age or older may be allowed to grow, process, and sell marihuana to others 21 or older.

Although limitations exist on production quantity and outlet ability, marihuana microbusinesses are well poised to compete in Michigan’s recreational landscape.

In the state of Michigan, a proposed initiative called the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (MRTMA) would allow an adult, 21 years of age or older, to apply for a license to operate a Michigan marijuana microbusiness.

The microbusiness licensee may not sell to or purchase from other marihuana establishments.

Therefore, a licensee may not conduct business with another marihuana grower, processor, retailer, or any type of marihuana related business.

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Microbusiness License Application

If you are interested in getting into the Microbusiness industry contact the lawyers who stay on the cutting edge. We are excited to help you. We can get your Michigan commercial grow license application submitted!

For those who want to turn their passion into a fully integrated business operation without the need for large-scale capital contribution, the marihuana microbusiness may be the perfect avenue to pursue.

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    Can the microbusiness be located in a resistance? In other words can I grow 150 plants from my house with a micro liscence?

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