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The state of Michigan now allows the legal production and sale of cannabis. This means that with appropriate licensing you can produce, process, and/or sell cannabis to lawful customers through the statewide monitoring system (Metrc).

If you are interested in growing legal cannabis in Michigan you might be well suited for an Adult Use or Medical Class A Grower license.

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There are a couple of different business licenses you can choose from when applying for medical marijuana or recreational marijuana license. Here we highlight the Michigan Class A Grower License. 

This grow license type allows up to 100 plants (Adult Use) and/or up to 500 plants (MMFLA Medical). Determining plant count from the MRA

Initial Licensing fees

First, your municipality must “opt-in” by writing an ordinance to allow cannabis growing in their area. The municipal council might include a municipality fee and you must contact them to find out if there are local municipality fees (of up to $5,000 per local license). Then you must pay the State a nonrefundable application fee of $3,000 for a background check from the state of Michigan to make sure that you and/or your business partners qualify as Applicants. Some of this fee is reserved for the Step 2 (Facility) application process.

Capitalization Requirements 

If you are applying for an MMFLA Medical cannabis license the state of Michigan requires that you prove you have sufficient startup funds for the business. Applying for a Class A MMFLA Grower License from the state of Michigan requires you to show not less than $150,000 in accessible capital. This includes at least 25% ($37,500) minimum in liquid assets that are cash or can easily be converted into: cash, CDs, stocks, or bonds.

Read more about Class A Grower License Capitalization Requirement from the MRA


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Pre-Inspection Michigan Marijuana Guides

MRA and BFS have released pre-inspection guides for each of the available licenses under Michigan’s MMFLA Medical and MRTMA Adult Use laws.  These inspection guides discuss applicable rules and inform the license applicant of the necessary requirements to pass inspections.

For Step 2 applicants these inspection guides are a valuable resource to ensure that the inspection part of the application goes smoothly and successfully:

Prelicensure Inspection Checklist from MRA

Safety Compliance testing laboratory checklist

BFS Consultation process (pre Step 2)

If you are preparing to submit for an MMFLA or MRTMA state license and have questions on how MRA and BFS rules will apply to you and your facility, call the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers today at 517-512-8364.

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