Michigan: Banned Edible Marijuana Products

Today, Michigan announced that certain edible marihuana products are not fit for production under the state’s new regulations.

Some of the products that Michigan has decided not to allow include:

  1. Ice Cream
  2. Vegetable-based jams and jellies
  3. Canned fruit or vegetable butter, such as apple butter
  4. Hummus
  5. Pies and cakes that require refrigeration
  6. Milk and dairy products

Some of the products that Michigan has decided to approve include:

  1. Cookies
  2. Breads
  3. Cakes
  4. Muffins
  5. Popcorn
  6. Granola
  7. Ground and roasted coffee
  8. Confections and sweets that are made without alcohol
  9. Fruit jams and jellies that can be stored at room temperature

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Deadline for Michigan Medical Marihuana Businesses

On August 9, 2018, the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation held a meeting to consider 25 applications for a medical marihuana facility license. On September 15, 2018, those businesses which are temporarily operating under Emergency Rule 19 will be forced to shut their doors unless they possess a valid operating license from the State of Michigan. At the conclusion of the meeting, 9 operating licenses were granted to various facilities. Although progress was made, Michigan citizens remain concerned about the potential lack of access to medical marihuana in the not too distant future. The Bureau of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs has repeatedly stated that the September 15, 2018 deadline will not be extended and that they anticipate reasonable access to medical marihuana across the state.

Here is a breakdown of the applications that were reviewed:
A. Pre-Qualification Applications
1. Applicant: DNVK Lapeer, Inc. File No: ERGA-17-000006; vote 5-0
2. Applicant: Harbor Farmz North, LLC, File No: ERGA-17-000015; vote 0-5.
3. Applicant: QPS Michigan Holdings, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000062; vote 4-1.
4. Applicant: Amazing Budz, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000068; vote 5-0
5. Applicant: MEM Gardens, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000069; vote 5-0
6. Applicant: Green Labs, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000111; vote 1-3
7. Applicant: Ann Arbor Provisioning Center, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000135; vote 3-2
8. Applicant: TC MI AG, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000275; vote 2-3
9. Applicant: TC MI MFG, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000277; vote 0-5
10. Applicant: TC MI Ann Arbor 2, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000497; vote 0-5
11. Applicant: Natural Caregivers, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000170; vote 2-3
12. Applicant: Superior Cannabis Solutions, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000179; vote 0-5
13. Applicant: LivWell Michigan, LLC dba LivWell Enlightened Health, File No: ERGA-18-000269; vote 5-0
14. Applicant: Holistic Research Group, Inc. File No: ERGA-18-000378; vote 0-5
15. Applicant: Great Lakes Natural Remedies, Inc. File No: ERGA-18-000452; vote 3-2

B. State Operating License Applications
1. Applicant: VB Chesaning, LLC, File No: ERGA-17-000024; vote 5-0
License(s): Processor, File No: PRA-18-000008 Prequalification status for a pending application granted on July 12, 2018
2. Applicant: Choice Labs, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000039; vote 5-0
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-000006 Prequalification status for a pending application granted on July 12, 2018
3. Applicant: Iron Laboratories, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000138; vote 5-0
License(s): Safety Compliance Facility, File No: SCA-18-000003
4. Applicant: Brightmoore Gardens, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000158; vote 2-3
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-000023
5. Applicant: Blackrock Management, LLC dba 5 and Dime File No: ERGA-18- 000180; vote 4-1
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-0000545 Prequalification status for a pending application granted on July 12, 2018
6. Applicant: Vendco Michigan, Inc. File No: ERGA-18-000191; vote 4-1
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-000092
7. Applicant: Green Skies – Far West, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000436; vote 4-1
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-000098
8. Applicant: Green Skies –Hoover, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000437; vote 4-1
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-000099
9. Applicant: Green Skies – Healing Tree, LLC, File No: ERGA-18-000438; vote 4-1
License(s): Provisioning Center, File No: PCA-18-000100
10.Applicant: Precision Safety Innovation Laboratories, LLC dba PSI Labs, File No: ERGA-18-000466; vote 5-0
License(s): Safety Compliance Facility, File No: SCA-18-000005 Prequalification status for a pending application granted on July 12, 2018

LARA’s BMMR releases advisory bulletin on creation of THCa products.

August 10, 2018 – LARA released today an advisory bulletin on the topic of THCa “diamonds” – or isolate crystals – and their concerns with the safety of the creation process for these products. According to the BMMR, its observations of the creation process of THCa diamonds in Michigan raised safety concerns surrounding the cycle of pressurizing and venting containers to remove unwanted solvent gases during the THCa formation process.

BMMR stated today: “There is a significant potential for injury to persons, or damage to property, if an approved process is not followed. These gases must be released in a controlled and consistent manner, within a closed loop system, to capture released gases. Utilization of a hood system is not an acceptable means of controlling the flammable vapors.”

BMMR further states that applicants and licensed processors who utilize an unapproved method for creating THCa crystals could face sanctions, including, but not limited to, license denial, limitation, fines, revocation, suspension, nonrenewal, administrative holds, and orders to cease operations.

If you are an applicant for a processor license with questions about the compliance of your THCa SOP, contact one of our attorneys to schedule a consultation.