Joshua M. Covert is an accomplished trial attorney who is devoted to representing cannabis patients in legal matters. He travels the state of Michigan protecting the rights of patients and has made appearances on behalf of clients in 47 out of Michigan’s 83 counties.

Joshua M. Covert’s Law Cases

Mr. Covert has served as lead attorney on several high profile cannabis cases, including the 2013 Free Bree CPS Case, where he arranged the return of infant baby Bree to her parents after CPS removed her due to the parents’ medical use of cannabis. Mr. Covert also obtained what is believed to be the first section 8 dismissal under the MMMA in Oakland County.

Josh is also the attorney responsible for the Court of Appeals Decision which made the improper transport statue (MCL 750.474) no longer applicable for otherwise law-abiding card-holding patients. This ruling was celebrated by patients statewide because it saves several MMMA patients from an arrest every day.

Mr. Covert has obtained not guilty verdicts after a trial in cases ranging from minor in possession of alcohol to severe drug and weapon felonies.

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