CRA Publishes Michigan’s Marijuana Industry Voluntary and Involuntary Exclusion Lists

In order to promote continued transparency with Michigan’s cannabis industry stakeholders, the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) has created and made public the marijuana industry voluntary and involuntary lists. These lists are now available on the CRA website and include individuals excluded from participating in the licensed marijuana industry in Michigan.

Individuals may be excluded from employment at, or participation in, a marijuana business and added to the involuntary exclusion list pursuant to the administrative rules. Individuals may voluntarily exclude themselves from employment at, or participating in a marijuana business, by signing a Consent Order and Stipulation (COS) to resolve disciplinary action the CRA has initiated against them.

It is vital that licensees screen prospective employees, supplemental applicants, and owners against the exclusion lists as they are prohibited from employing excluded individuals or allowing them to be supplemental applicants on a license.

Michigan’s marijuana industry exclusion lists – both voluntary and involuntary – can be found on the CRA website under the Disciplinary Actions page.