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What You Need to Know About a Micro Grow License

What is a Micro Grow License?

If you are reading this you probably know Michigan is a legal marijuana state and you might be interested in how to get a micro grow license. You see, when marijuana licenses in Michigan became available, our Attorney Josh Covert coined the term “micro grow” for the Michigan Class A growing licenses.

Compared to the other growing licenses, this is the smallest of the classes of grows that allows up to 500 plants (medical) or 100 (recreational) to be produced at one time.

Not to be confused with a Michigan Microbusiness, a Michigan Micro Grower License can sell into the statewide METRC system. A microbusiness must be contained and only sell to end consumers at their establishment, while a Michigan Class A growing license can sell to other licensed facilities.

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How to Get a Michigan Micro Grower License

Micro Grow License Requirements

First things first, make sure you meet the requirements!  You also need to be a resident of the state of Michigan. This rule is in effect until December 6th, 2021. Then you must get pre-qualified before you can turn in your license application. See LARA Licensing Steps.

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Choose a Medical or Recreational Micro Grow License

Unless you are currently licensed under the MMFLA or obtain a license under the MMFLA, micro grows and micro licenses are the only types of licenses that can be approved for just recreational until about the end of the year in 2021.

Micro Grow License Capitalization Requirements For Medical Class A Grow

To start a large scale business like a medical Class A Grow, the state of Michigan wants to make sure you have enough start-up money. You will need to show the state that you have at least $150,000 in start-up capital that is not from selling marijuana.

See GrowerClass A – $150,000.

There are not any capitalization requirements for the Recreational Class A Micro Grow.

Criminal Background Requirements

Applicants must meet a certain number of conditions. A criminal background check is one of the main factors that is assessed.

Be aware of the Micro Grow License Fees

You will need to pay fees to hold this license. When you submit for a Class A Growing license you are to pay a $6,000 nonrefundable application fee to the state.  Then, another initial fee to obtain the license is $4,000. As well as the renewal fees from being from $3,000 to 5,000.

Determining the renewal fee depends on the gross weight transferred by the licensee during a specified time period.



With a Medical Class A Growing license your facility will be able to grow up to 500 plants at a time. With a Recreational Class A Growing license you will be able to grow up to 100 plants at a time.


Next Steps

Do you meet the requirements and can pay the fees? Then the next and most important step is to partner with a lawyer that knows cannabis law. We are the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers for that job! Call us today to set up a consultation to talk about your Michigan Micro Grow License 517-512-8364.




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