Marijuana Licensing Can Bring Community Benefits

Marijuana Licensing Benefits

Are you considering opting into marijuana licensing in your city? Not only does marijuana licensing offer benefits to the business owners, but these benefits extend further into the community too, which is why all city councils should consider offering marijuana licensing.

This is because licensed marijuana businesses use their status to bring further benefits into society, helping to progress their communities. Below, we will reveal more about this, as well as giving you an example of how licensing in Michigan helped the local fire department.

How marijuana licensing can help enhance charitable efforts

Charity is a core value of our society. Even before legalization, the cannabis community gave back. 

We know that, when nurtured carefully, the cannabis plant is very abundant. When blessed with this abundance, we like to give back. This is the goodwill of cannabis. It’s like a snowball effect; when the cannabis industry is thriving, other parts of society can flourish as well, and isn’t this something all communities can benefit from?

Some community members in the location of the cannabis business may not understand this, though, which is why further education is needed and why we need to highlight the good deeds that cannabis businesses are carrying out. 

Some people may be wary of the benefits of cannabis. But don’t you think giving back to the community is something that we can find common ground on? We have to convince these city council members that, without a doubt, cannabis will bring a positive impact on their lives, even if they do not partake. 

That’s the truly incredible thing; we can all benefit from the cannabis plant in different ways, and a lot of people simply do not realize this. Opting into marijuana licensing is a great example, and we will reveal more about how the fire department in Michigan recently benefitted from this.


Start Marijuana Benefits with your business in your city, Contact the MCL

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A new boat for the local fire department in Michigan 

A community that opted into marijuana licensing just had a provisioning center give their local fire department a new boat. This is an example of giving back to the cannabis community, and we think it is a great inspiration for how your licensed cannabis business can give back.

“It’s official!! We have a new rescue boat thanks to Meds Cafe and officer Scot VanSolkema of the Lowell PD. 

Meds Cafe purchased the boat and trailer, Lowell PD supplied the motor. Thank you all for supporting our efforts to continuously improve our fleet. As individuals we’re good, as a team we’re great!!” – Lowell Area Fire Department Facebook Page

Many Michigan City councils (not all) have a clause that states cannabis companies that are awarded licenses should give back to the community. Whether this clause is in place or not, we should all do our bit to give back to society. 

A lot of people don’t realize that marijuana licensing can lead to community benefits. This is an excellent way of enhancing local communities. 



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