cannabis drugged driving in michigan
Cannabis Drugged Driving: So if you eat enough turkey, that would be classified as a drug…

Joshua Covert on Cannabis Drugged Driving

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So if you eat enough turkey, that would be classified as a drug and they could be arrested, correct?

This is an excerpt from a trial where my client was charged with a misdemeanor for driving under the influence of marijuana.

After trial, my client was found not guilty for cannabis drugged driving.

The cross-examination of the DRE (Drug Recognition Expert) officer played a huge part in the result we achieved. To read the officers answer to this question and where it lead click here:

Drugged Driving Trial Excerpt

Joshua Covert on Drugged Driving

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  1. Tony Valdez
    Tony Valdez says:

    So should driving home after working a 12-16 hour shift also be illegal? Or driving home after a 3rd shift/midnight shift? I know there isn’t a substance involved but I know the feeling of being overtired from work, and barely making it home. It can be more dangerous than driving drunk sometimes.

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