Metrc: Accurate Tracking Tips from CRA

December 1, 2023:  To further assist licensees achieve compliance through accurate tracking, the Cannabis Regulatory Agency is providing guidance for a couple of issues found during compliance audits.

Notice to Cultivators, Producers and Sales Locations Re: Packaging Pre-rolls as Count-Based Products

If an item is pre-weighed and sold by the unit, the Metrc item category should be a count-based item. If an item is weighed just prior to sale, a weight-based category should be used.

Packages of raw pre-rolls should be created as Shake/Trim (prepackaged).

If the weight of a single pre-roll is 1 gram and the package is sold individually, then the unit weight should be 1 gram.

If the 1 gram pre-roll is sold in 5 packs, then the unit weight should be 5 grams.

It is important to check the unit weight of all items created before distribution to ensure it is accurate. Inaccurate unit weights can appear as oversales. For example: if the unit weight for a 1 gram pre-roll is inaccurately entered as 1oz, every time a sales location sells the 1 gram pre-roll the transaction amount will show 1oz. If a customer buys three 1 gram pre-rolls, the transaction will exceed the allowable limit of 2.5oz.

Notice to Sales Locations Re: Transaction Limit for Concentrate Products

Adult-use consumers may not purchase more than 15 grams of concentrate in a single transaction, which includes any combination of the following: inhalable compound concentrates (infused pre-rolls, moonrocks), concentrates (shatter, live resin) and vape carts.

The CRA will be auditing sales transactions in Metrc. Any retailers found to sell more than 15 grams of concentrate in a single transaction to adult-use consumers are in violation of R 420.506(3) and are at risk for disciplinary action.

Questions regarding the categorization and packaging of products in Metrc can be sent to

Questions regarding purchasing and transaction limits can be sent to

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