CRA Issues $212,000 Fine and 30-Day Suspension of Vassar Licensee

January 25, 2024 – Today, the Cannabis Regulatory Agency (CRA) issued a $212,000 fine and a 30-day suspension of 664 Vassar, LLC, dba Premier Provisioning Center #2, located at 664 State Rd., Vassar, Michigan 48768.

664 Vassar, LLC’s license shall be suspended from Saturday, February 3, 2024 through Sunday, March 3, 2024.

On April 21, 2022, the CRA visited 664 Vassar, LLC to conduct a compliance check and found the following at its facility:

  • Several clear totes containing expired marijuana products including distillate carts, medicated syrup, gummies, and chocolates stored in the “bathroom area” located upstairs in the northern most east backroom. This product was not under video surveillance.
  • 15 separate strains of individually bagged untagged flower in a large black garbage bag located in the upstairs central storage area. This product was not under video surveillance.
  • Untagged “House wax” in individual 1-gram jars and 1-ounce sheets. This product was not under video surveillance.
  • Approximately 38 jars of house wax on the sales floor and several sheets of house wax on the sales floor. Both products, although in different forms, contained the same statewide monitoring system (Metrc) tag number.
  • Chemicals – specifically, Round Up pesticide – stored on the landing area leading to the upstairs where marijuana product is stored.
  • Several hundred small, 1-gram jars of caregiver “house wax,” a marijuana product, stored in cardboard boxes.
  • Untagged medicated syrup called ‘Chill Medicated,” a marijuana product.

On April 22, 2022, the CRA requested video surveillance footage from all camera views for the past 30 days. 664 Vassar, LLC provided the requested footage on May 10, 2022 but the video footage would not play completely and did not show how the abovementioned products entered the facility. 664 Vassar, LLC was unable to provide a working copy of 30 days of video surveillance footage as requested by the CRA.

Further details can be found in the related formal complaints and consent orders:

Adult-Use Consent Order and Stipulation

Adult-Use Amended First Superseding Formal Complaint

Medical Consent Order and Stipulation

Medical First Superseding Formal Complaint

664 Vassar, LLC must comply with the following within 40 days:

  • Provide updated standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the following: the statewide monitoring system (Metrc), sales and transfers of marijuana and marijuana product, video surveillance system, storage of marijuana and marijuana products, and storage of chemicals and solvents. 664 Vassar, LLC must correct any deficiencies identified by the CRA within 30 days of receipt of the deficiency notice unless agreed upon by the CRA in writing.
  • 664 Vassar, LLC must train all managers and employees on the updated SOPs, and provide a document, signed by a manager, with the names and positions of all managers and employees trained, dates of completion for each; and provide a written training agenda, and copies of all training materials.

664 Vassar, LLC must comply with the following terms within 160 days:

  • 664 Vassar, LLC must schedule a date to destroy all of the untagged marijuana and marijuana product at issue in paragraph 6.b. in the amended first superseding formal complaint in the presence of a CRA staff member and provide video surveillance proof demonstrating compliant destruction.
  • 664 Vassar, LLC must conduct an inventory audit and provide a report to the CRA demonstrating that its physical inventory matches inventory in Metrc and explaining any discrepancies.
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