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How Michigan Prosecutors are Dealing with the Legalization of Marijuana

Michigan Prosecutors and Marijuana

After Michigan decided to legalize recreational marijuana on November 6, 2018, several county prosecutors across Michigan have started dismissing cases involving marijuana.

Oakland County prosecutors have already tossed various cases with pending charges in the district and circuit court systems.

Also, Muskegon County prosecutors have dismissed all pending marijuana cases that comply with the requirements of the recently passed proposal.

Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, and Calhoun County prosecutors have also followed suit. While there are still avenues to violating the law, prosecuting offices have been considering what they will do with pending cases involving use, possession, manufacture, or delivery.

Clare County prosecutors have plans to dismiss several pending cases limited to possession charges, whereas Kent County is looking into dismissing cases that involve the use or possession of marijuana. Most dismissals are based on a case by case basis.

In Ingham county, while magistrates are no longer accepting warrant requests for marijuana-related crimes, the cases already pending are being looked at closely before being dismissed.

Some counties are not being as lenient, however. In Wayne County, a prosecutor has stated that her office is committed to following the law regarding the prosecution of marijuana cases. Additionally, Wexford County is choosing not to dismiss pending cases of any sort. While pending cases are more likely to be dismissed at this time several counties are considering what to do regarding applying the new marijuana statute retroactively to cases that have already been prosecuted.

If you have a pending marijuana charge and want to better understand how the legalization of recreational marijuana will affect your current situation, you need a lawyer that understands Michigan marijuana law. Call the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers at (517) 512-8364.

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