Attorney Joshua Covert Speaks at UNRIG THE SYSTEM Event in Lansing

Attorney Joshua Covert

Attorney Joshua Covert speaks at Unrig The System at 4-15-18 in Lansing Michigan.

On Sunday, April 15th attorney Joshua Covert spoke at an event in Lansing geared to sharing information about local activism and grassroots efforts to empower citizens to play a larger role in the political process.

The event was put on by Unrig The System a nationwide organization with a chapter in Michigan (visit their Facebook page here).  Mr. Covert spoke as an attorney and activist involved in marijuana policy reform.

Mr. Covert spoke about his work as a board member of MILegalize, a 2016 voter initiative campaign, and how important the voter initiative process is for citizens.

The event was originally scheduled to be held on the State Capitol grounds but because of weather was relocated to the Midtown Brewing Company.  Mr. Covert was pleased to hear the other speakers at the event but was excited to see that longtime friend and fellow cannabis activist Steven Lull (The Green Union) was also on the schedule.  It is important for Mr. Covert to speak to groups about political involvement and activism because of his belief that in our current form of government our legislators often don’t listen to the will of their constituents.  “It is obvious that our government in Lansing hasn’t been listening to the citizens of Michigan in regards to marijuana or cannabis policy reform,  legalization polls extremely high and most metropolitan areas have already legalized marijuana at the local level yet legalization is being done by the people via the voter initiative process and not by our elected legislators.”


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