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The Michigan Cannabis Lawyer firm is a full-service law powerhouse for your cannabis legal needs.

We take on your legal matters when a knowledgeable, experienced team of attorneys dedicated to marijuana legal issues is needed. A skilled Michigan Cannabis Lawyer is ready to help you with your legal issues involving marijuana. Cannabis advocates near you are here to help you with your cannabis needs.

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Michigan Marijuana Lawyer Services

Michigan Cannabis Licensing

If you are looking at getting into the Michigan Cannabis industry we can legally assist you in many ways:

  • Medical Cannabis Licensing Under the MMFLA
  • Adult-Use Cannabis Licensing Under the MRTMA
  • Industrial Hemp Licensing Under the Farm Bill
  • Michigan Micro Grow License

Cannabis Family Law / CPS

Facing a CPS investigation? We believe that child abuse or neglect is not caused by cannabis.

Going through a divorce? Is your cannabis use being used against you? Let us know we would love to help.

Cannabis Criminal Defense

Looking for a cannabis defense attorney?

We are defending clients facing marijuana charges in Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and the rest of Michigan

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Randy P
Randy P
12:52 26 Aug 20
Friendly, speedy, knowledgeable. I appreciate your help!
Sara Eleanor Yarbrough
Sara Eleanor Yarbrough
02:25 21 Aug 20
Although I was facing some serious things, Josh happily took my case and was there every step of the way. The retainer... was very reasonable, communication was great, and his negotiations were very clear and to the point. He really made an intense, sometimes scary and emotional, situation a lot easier to go through. I never felt like he was trying to get money out of me. I can honestly say my outcome, and life going forward, is much easier from choosing to call him for legal aid.read more
Sam Postalot
Sam Postalot
17:20 07 Aug 20
Very knowledgeable always a pleasure to work with highly recommended been in the industry for years
Tony Nowak
Tony Nowak
15:57 07 Aug 20
Very professional, knowledgeable and willing to help point me in the right direction.
Randi Bagley
Randi Bagley
17:12 19 Feb 20
Excellent concise and knowledgeable, especially about medical marijuana. Call them if you need advice! They are very... fair and generally want to help the cannabis community.read more
Chris C
Chris C
17:27 15 Feb 19
Nickolas Calkins was recommended to me, and ever since the first time I to him I was in good hands. He was able to... handle the case and help relieve the stress from it off of and communicate in a way that kept me at ease and well informed. He, and the entire staff at Covert Law really went above and beyond. I am grateful that I was introduced to them.read more
Roy Schmidt
Roy Schmidt
00:50 26 Nov 18
Josh Covert is the best cannabis attorney in Michigan. Josh defended me on an OWI charge, operating while impaired on... cannabis. Josh was outstanding in my defense. Josh is a good listener, kept me updated, asked my opinion, and really cares about his clients. Josh filed every motion (several) in my defense before my trail. During the trail Josh was professional but a bulldog in defending me against lies and lack of evidence by the arresting officers. When Josh was finished cross examining the arresting officers it took a jury less than an hour to find me NOT GUILTY! You will never go wrong with Josh Covert.read more
Vessel of Christ
Vessel of Christ
22:19 17 Nov 18
Hands down the best Attorney in Michigan, cares for his clients, knows the laws, doesnt back down, and doesnt get... pushed over like most attorneys by the corrupt system and corrupt prosecutors. This Job is meant for truly intelligent people that have a heart for truly helping the individual, and out of 15 different attorneys that I've had in my life. There is no comparison. When you truly know you have someone on your side, it takes away the fear the corrupt system wants you to feelread more
brian coon
brian coon
16:50 16 Nov 18
I hired josh on my open case but he's been a good attorney, very , very knowledgeable on cannabis and cannabis... laws.he's also will work with you. I feel if ur in need of a tip notch cannabis attorney I wouldn't look no mores and give his office a call.very good ppl in office also..thanks Josh !!!read more
Jennifer Dummer
Jennifer Dummer
16:23 16 Nov 18
Josh Covert is an amazing lawyer. He fought for us and got our case thrown out. I would highly recommend him. He's... always there for us when ever we need advice or help.read more
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Your Michigan Cannabis Attorney

Joshua Covert

Joshua Covert

Michigan Cannabis Defender

Founder of the Covert Law Firm, Josh is also known as the Michigan Cannabis Defender. He is here to help you with your Cannabis DUI needs and even your Michigan Marijuana License.

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James R. McGillie

James R. McGillie


James is skilled in the areas of cannabis criminal defense, business licensing and intellectual property.

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Ashley A. Petriches

Ashley A. Petriches

Fighting for your Rights

Ashley is passionate about helping others and being a voice for those who don’t have one.

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Joshua M Covert founded the Covert Law firm aka the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers in 2017. Their mission is to be an advocate for marijuana users all over the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers are a full-service cannabis law firm. We take on legal matters when a knowledgeable experienced team of attorneys dedicated to  marijuana legal issues is needed.

Michigan Cannabis Lawyers can help if you are having issues with CPS, a marijuana charge or have a business interest. Call us today to see if we can help.

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