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Marijuana Licensing Can Bring Community Benefits

Marijuana Licensing Benefits Are you considering opting into marijuana licensing in your city? Not only does marijuana licensing offer benefits to the business owners, but these benefits extend further into the community too, which is why all city councils should consider offering marijuana licensing. This is because licensed marijuana businesses use their status to bring […]

Your Rights: Roadside Cannabis Testing Michigan

Understanding Roadside Cannabis Testing Michigan After a short pilot program for roadside drug testing (only 92 tests done) Michigan Drug Recognition Experts will now utilize their new drug-detecting device on roadside stops. The DREs now have a device that is similar to an alcohol breathalyzer used in OWI (DUI) cases. This new device supposedly tests for amphetamines, benzodiazepines, […]

Get Reduced Michigan Marijuana Licensing Fees

Reduced Michigan Marijuana Licensing Fees The Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency [MRA] has a special program for those who are looking to get into the legal Michigan marijuana industry. The Social Equity program looks to promote and encourage participation in the marijuana industry by people impacted by prohibition. Recently the MRA expanded this program from 41 […]

How to Find Cannabis Lawyers Near You

Looking for a Lawyer? How to find Cannabis Lawyers Near You It’s important to find and read reviews from lawyers near you to find out who would be someone you would like to work with. Here are a few reputable websites where people read cannabis attorney reviews:   AVVO   Google Business   Facebook – […]

Emergency MRA Rules: Expired IDS

New MRA Emergency Rules issued today stating that provision centers are temporarily allowed to sell or transfer marijuana to a patient or caregiver who presents a registry identification card that expired within the preceding 60 days.   This chart will tell you when 61 days have occurred on the ID (or when it is not […]