“When you need a good lawyer, get one, do not leave your legal fate to inexperienced attorneys, especially in DUI or drug cases. I was happy to write this review for Mr. Joshua is a very able attorney who knows his stuff. This makes a huge difference to the prosecutors who know how tough it might be to get a conviction. This lends itself to a better bargaining position, which is why you want to hire someone like Joshua. I was very happy with the plea bargain he got for me which avoided a felony charge. Covert, when someone does you right, it is a natural thing to thank them. I highly recommend his service.” – Richard


“I hired Nick for my case regarding my son’s father with custody, parenting time and child support. He surpassed my expectations as a lawyer and got me everything I wanted and then some. He was very accommodating to my schedule with meeting me outside of my work hours. I have had to hire Nick now twice, and would again if need be. He is a very trust worthy and honest lawyer and would strongly recommend him to anyone who is in need of a lawyer.”-Anon


“Incredibly intelligent and relentless lawyer. Will fight by your side as if he were family. I had no doubts working with him.  On my second DUI with no personal lawyer, I googled DUI lawyers and I found Nick. I then consulted with Nick and when we spoke, he quickly relinquished any doubts I had in our conversation. So I hired him to defend my case and it was the best decision I could have made. Nick worked to build a case for me through unrelenting hours. He never held back his opinion and supported me through my case and another one that followed a month later. He never gave up and helped me succeed in getting through my cases. Drunk driving is a harmful, selfish act that has consequences. However, no amount of money is too much to have Nickolas represent you. I never second-guessed my decision to hire him and neither will you if you are in the same situation.” – Brett



“​Mr.Covert fought for my felony possession charge to be dropped per section 8 of the medical marijuana act. We, however, did not take it to trail Mr.Covert was able to get the prosecutor to offer just an illegal transport. So no drug charge or felony was given.  If you are looking for a lawyer who is going to fight for you and defend you well Mr.Covert is your guy. I had never felt more comfortable in the courtroom than when Mr.Covert was by my side one of the best Medical marijuana lawyers in the state, in my opinion, he has won awards that were voted on by medical patients.” – Damon



“5 stars doesnt even accommodate for how much he fought for my case.. he did an excellent job communicating with me while I was his client I never felt like he was keeping me in the dark..he was always up front and truthful and he let you know the outcome either way good or bad…he got what I wanted out of the case plus more..he kept up on his paper work and all the leads he had as well.. he gave it 120 percent everytime he looked at the case ..nick in my daughters eyes is her hero now!! I would most defiantly reefer nick to anyone that needed a lawyer ….thank you nick for everything you have done for me and my family…words still cant describe how thankful we truly are!!” – Jamie



“I retained Nick when i was blindsided in a custody battle. Nick was very informative and very percise in his strategy and execution. He prepared my case very well. We won our first appeal. The other party objected and we were set for a de novo hearing however we won on technicality (other lawyers incompetence) which was ok with me because he put my son first and did not gamble although he could have easily won. Bottom line is he is a very smart and very committed. I know this will be one of many battles and i will plan on retaining him in the future. I would highly recommend him to anyone. You want a lawyer that’s going to be prepared and it was very strategic with his game plan.” – Courtney