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Michigan Marijuana Micro-License

The newly enacted law which legalized recreational marijuana in Michigan allows for individuals with marijuana related felonies the opportunity to apply for licenses to operate marijuana businesses. Section 8.1, subsection c, of the new marijuana statue states, “a prior conviction solely for a marijuana related offense does not disqualify an individual who is otherwise eligible […]

How Michigan Prosecutors are Dealing with the Legalization of Marijuana

After Michigan decided to legalize recreational marijuana on November 6, 218, several county prosecutors across Michigan have started dismissing cases involving marijuana. Oakland County prosecutors have already tossed various cases with pending charges in the district and circuit court systems. Also, Muskegon County prosecutors have dismissed all pending marijuana cases that comply with the requirements […]

Medical Marijuana and Alimony / Spousal Support

In Beauchamp v. Beauchamp, the trial court awarded defendant his medical marijuana grow operation as part of the marital assets and awarded plaintiff spousal support based on consideration of the income defendant received for the sale of medical marijuana to his qualified patients. The Court of Appeals affirmed on Defendant’s . For most of the […]

Michigan Marijuana Microbusiness

Marihuana micro licensing is a type of licensing regulation utilized in states where the recreational use of marihuana has been legalized. Similar to microbreweries for the production and sale of alcohol, marihuana microbusinesses are independently owned businesses that grow, process and sell their own marihuana. By applying for a micro license, an individual 21 years […]

Edible Marihuana Products

Today, Michigan announced that certain edible marihuana products are not fit for production under the state’s new regulations. Some of the products that Michigan has decided not to allow include: Ice Cream Vegetable based jams and jellies Canned fruit or vegetable butters, such as apple butter Hummus Pies and cakes that require refrigeration Mike and […]

Deadline for Michigan Medical Marihuana Businesses

On August 9, 2018, the Bureau of Medical Marihuana Regulation held a meeting to consider 25 applications for a medical marihuana facility license. On September 15, 2018, those businesses which are temporarily operating under Emergency Rule 19 will be forced to shut their doors unless they possess a valid operating license from the State of […]