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We specialize in marijuana law including cannabis businesses.

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Looking for a defense attorney?

Defending Clients Facing  Marijuana Charges in Detroit, Lansing, Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, and The Rest of Michigan

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Facing a cps investigation? Child abuse or neglect is not caued by cannabis.

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Our clients speak for us

DB Fisher

He wants what you want and will fight to the bitter end for all of your Right’s…Best lawyer one can find for cannabis defense…ty Josh Rock On!!! ty for your help in our time of need…

DB Fisher18 Sep 2017F
 Laurie Snyder

Joshua Covert is the best lawyer you could hire for a cannabis charge! He knows the law better than the Judge in Kent county that tried my case. Josh had to tell him word for word what he needed to say to dismiss my case! You can’t find a better lawyer or a more compassionate person! He believes in what he is doing, and that makes a big differance!

Laurie Snyder23 Aug 2017F
 Karen Sides

I have been watching Josh at a couple of court cases in Gaylord and I think he does a great job. He seems to be very compassionate for medical marijuana patients.

Karen Sides23 Aug 2017F

Michigan Cannabis Lawyers

michigan cannabis lawyer micannabislawyer.com

Joshua M Covert

The Michigan Cannabis Defender


michigan cannabis lawyer micannabislawyer.com

Nickolas G Calkins

Managing Partner and Cannabis Warrior


James R. McGillie

James is a skilled in the areas of criminal defense

business licensing and intellectual property.



Joshua M Covert founded the Michigan Cannabis Lawyers in 2017. Their mission is to be an advocate for marijuana users all over the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Cannabis Lawyers are a full-service cannabis law firm. We take on legal matters when a knowledgeable experienced team of attorneys dedicated to  marijuana legal issues is needed.

Michigan Cannabis Lawyers can help if you are having issues with CPS, a marijuana charge or have a business interest. Call us today to see if we can help.

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